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Match-Trader provides seamless integration with Client Office (Forex CRM) app.

To access your Forex CRM you only need one login and password. We’ve added a Single Sign-On feature to improve user retention. Once logged in to
one of the applications, user will be automatically logged in to the other one as well. Improve the flow of users on your platform by automating
onboarding procedure and payments and convert more leads into active traders.

Client Office (Forex CRM) key features for Brokers:

  • Various deposit and withdrawal options, e-payments and cryptocurrencies supported
  • Integrated with automatic KYC verification providers
  • Automatically generated registration links for clients and sub-IBs
  • Integrated MAM solution
  • E-wallet functionality
  • Automatic email notifications about all clients activities
  • Multi-level IB up to 4 levels with dedicated IB portal for all IBs and sub-Ibs
  • Tracking the balances of all client’s accounts
  • View on all open positions, history trades and ledgers on trading accounts

Benefits for your customers

Client Office feature was built in into Match-Trader system for your customers’ convenience. Traders can now get direct access to the broker’s payment area allowing them to:

deposit funds icon

deposit funds and request withdrawals

new account

create new accounts and transfer funds between them

kyc onboarding

proceed with automatic KYC onboarding


Take advantage of the partners’ network and offer your clients managed accounts service with
PAMM solution.

Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM) is the most popular system to offer managed accounts for clients. The biggest advantage of PAMM is the percentage allocation of transaction volumes between all the investors. Allocation is usually made based on the investor’s balances or equity.

All investors’ balances are copied to master’s (money manager) accounts, which has an aggregated balance of all connected accounts. It means that the master doesn’t have its own money, it has only a virtual balance which is equal to balances of investor accounts. In the PAMM system once master executes a trade then it is allocated instantly and proportionally to investor accounts at exactly the same prices as it was done on the master account.



  • Create an account and make a deposit
  • Subscribe to a master account and detach at any time
  • View money manager account statistics

Money managers:

  • Manage investors’ accounts
  • Set incentive
  • Set success fees
  • Collect the trading history of their accounts

Payment gateways

Go beyond traditional payment gateways

Our Client Office (Forex CRM) app is fully integrated with Match2Pay Crypto Payment Gateway to provide various payment options. It allows collecting and exchanging cryptocurrencies in a fully automated way and depositing straight to the trading account. Thanks to a recent integration with PRAXIS Cashier, a Payment System Providers’ (PSP) aggregator, it allows access to 300 different PSPs with a single integration. It also supports over 1000 various payment methods, including tier-1 acquiring banks, e-wallets, APM’s, and crypto providers. All of this to offer a seamless deposit experience for your clients.



Connect to multiple liquidity providers thanks to our in-house developed Routing Engine.

We provide our clients with internal liquidity based on our ECN System ensuring:

  • Multiple liquidity providers
  • Advance aggregation and matching technology
  • Low latency server locations
  • Execution speed of 50,000 transactions per second
  • Razor spreads and commissions
  • No last look execution
  • No minimum monthly fees

Our ECN liquidity solution is based on ultra-fast matching engine technology, which guarantees no requotes, no rejections and no last look execution.