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May releases on Match-Trader platform

Closed session mark and timer For better control of the Market Watch view, we have added a different (grey) colour for the symbol standing for a closed session. Moreover, the timer placed on the right will show you exactly when the session will be open […]Read more

April releases on Match-Trader platform

A recognizable logo will help your customer decide which payment gateway to use for deposit or withdrawal. A broker can select a visible icon in the administration panel. In addition, we have added new payment gateways to our platform. The transaction is now accessible to […]Read more

Mobile trading takes over Forex industry

It is well known that forex trading requires from investors not only skills but above all discipline and the ability to control emotions. Until recently, trading required to spend several hours in front of a computer each week to keep a decent level of trading […]Read more

Boost your FX Broker with Match-Trader Platform

Our portfolio is already packed with a wide range of products and services as we want to be a one-stop-shop providing comprehensive solutions for all of our clients. For that reason, we are constantly improving our products one by one as well as our offer.Read more

Become a Forex Broker in 5 steps

The most important part of Forex brokerage business is choosing the right trading system forasmuch it has to combine the needs of traders and ease the back-office management for a Broker. Checklist of must-have features for traders and brokers.Read more