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Who We Are

As Match-Trade Technologies we are the leading brokerage business technology provider, offering clients worldwide access to our own, platform-based solutions HUB. Our team is a blend of high-class business consultants, experienced in working with Brokers and IT experts from the Fin-tech industry.

We have operated in a global market since 2013. With our offices in Cyprus, Poland, Malaysia, India, USA and representatives from South Korea we help Brokers worldwide increase the potential of their business and stand out on the market.

Our technology has been recognized in the industry and has won several awards.

What We Do

We’ve built our own technological environment to guarantee the maximum performance of the tools we provide. Our Broker Solutions HUB includes a Match-Trader trading platform, a Client Office app for traders and CRM for Brokers. We’ve also developed our own blockchain-based payment gateway to ease money settlements between Brokers and traders. We also provide our clients with market data and multi-asset Liquidity through our strategic partner Match-Prime Liquidity (authorised and regulated by CySEC 390/20).

Sales Team

Michael Nichols

Head of Sales

Amir Ghandour

Amir Ghandour

Senior Institutional Sales

Alexander Degtyarev

Senior Institutional Sales

Nicolas Bellanza

Sales Account Manager

Piotr Szczygieł

Broker Solutions Specialist

Patryk Felcman

Broker Solutions Specialist

Local Representatives

Nizwan S. N. Halimi

Head of South-East Asia

Vinay Hegde

Head of South Asia

Steve Kwon

Head of South Korea

Platform Development & Support

Jacek Czarniawski

Head of Product Development

Mariusz Krysiak

Head of Dealing and Broker Support

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