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Keep in mind that we are not a Broker, our platform is for business clients only therefore live account trading is impossible as we do not hold clients’ funds.

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    About the solution

    Match-Trader platform was designed by Match-Trade Technologies, the company providing technology for CFD Brokers and Institutional Clients.

    Solutions for CFD Brokers

    We offer turnkey trading solutions for Brokers, ECN Venues, Liquidity Providers and Exchanges. We help our clients optimize their business by increasing efficiency and lowering fees.

    In-house technology

    Most of our products are based on in-house developed matching engine technology providing ultra-fast feeds and reliable execution. It was designed to make the FX market more open, transparent, distributed and exchange-like.

    Global company

    We operate in a global market since 2013. With our headquarters in Irvine, California and offices in Europe, Malaysia and India we offer our services to clients from around the world.