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Progressive Web App (PWA)

is a modern model of application development that sets new standards in programming and can completely replace dedicated mobile applications in the future. Thanks to PWA technology, the Match-Trader platform is really a singular app that itself adapts its interface and features to the user’s device. The real all-in-one app means that our trading platform has both an interface for mobile devices as well as desktop and web.

Trading Platform For Brokers

Matching Engine

Our matching engine is one of the fastest and the most robust matching engine technology for the industry and digital currency market. Technology providers and exchange operators of all sizes can connect to our matching engine technology using our Match-Trader Platform, FIX API and proprietary developed FIX Bridge. All these components are included in the Match-Trade system. Our Risk Engine/Risk Management tool is an integral part of the Match-Trade system that calculates, checks, controls, filters and updates all system parameters constantly as trades are matched.

We work with advanced technologies

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Keeping Your Data Safe

Our platform is designed with server security in mind. The entire development process was focused on not only the usability and functionality of Match-Trader but also the safety of our clients’ data.

Multiple nodes guarantee that your data is fully safe. Our database will defy an entire data centre outage with no data loss. If anything happens, that threatens it, data is automatically replicated. We use a modern-generation system designed to handle large amounts of data so you can rest assured that your and your clients’ information is intact.

Cassandra database

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