The technology
that boosts your
business growth.

Match-Trader is an independent trading technology designed to fit into
Broker’s ecosystem. Leverage our proprietary ultra-fast matching engine
to future-proof your business.

The Technology that exceeds your expectations

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Match-Trader platform was developed using cutting-edge
Progressive Web App technology to guarantee the app will be
always available, on any device. It’s perfect to trade on-the
-go. Traders can switch between devices and keep all
of their operations as they’re always logging in to the same
account be it web, mobile or desktop platform. Match-Trader
platform allows Brokers to list their branded app in app stores,
but mobile users can always access the platform via browser
and download it from the Broker’s website (saving a shortcut
to their home screen). It’s exactly like a native app, just better!

Matching Engine

Our matching engine is one of the fastest and the most
robust matching engine technology for the industry and
digital currency market. Technology providers and exchange
operators of all sizes can connect to our matching engine
technology using our Match-Trader Platform, FIX API and
proprietary developed FIX Bridge. All these components are
included in the Match-Trade system. Our Risk Engine/Risk
Management tool is an integral part of the Match-Trade
system that calculates, checks, controls, filters and updates
all system parameters constantly as trades are matched.


The APIs we provide allow our clients to easily integrate every application available on the
market to create a complete trading ecosystem based on their current setup.

Brokers API

to call all Manager functions
from external applications

Admin API

to set configuration from
external applications

Platform API

to build Broker’s own
interface based on the
Match-Trader system


enables seamless integration for brokers and efficient trading, en-hancing operations and liquidity management

SQL Reporting Server

Our platform entails the functionalities of a SQL Reporting
Server, thanks to which a variety of reports can be prepared
and produced (graphical, mobile, and printed), making
Business Intelligence more effective and efficient. You have
access to automated reports, skipping the need to manually
generate them, which is both inefficient and time-consuming.

Redundancy & Scalability

The Match-Trader server is a scalable solution as it employs a
flexible infrastucture that can easily adapt to varying trading
volumes and client demands without compromising
performance. Our platform is designed with server security in
mind. The entire development process was focused on
providing stability of system and the safety of clients’ data.

We work with advanced technologies