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Brokers API

The Broker API is a versatile API platform designed for external clients, enabling streamlined management and interaction with various services through a single access point. This API supports REST and gRPC protocols, providing flexibility in integration and ensuring compatibility with diverse client systems. It facilitates secure, efficient administrative operations and service management, making it an essential tool for clients looking to optimize their operational workflows.In our system, each broker has a unique partnerID assigned. Every operation via this API is performed within that particular partnerID.

Since we encode your partnerID in your Authorization token, you don’t have to consider this parameter when sending requests but you will see this parameter across multiple different endpoints.


Secure access through token-based authorization, ensuring that only authenticated users can interact with the API.


A high-performance, open-source universal RPC framework, is utilized to provide real-time data streaming and efficient communication between clients and servers. This section outlines the gRPC services offered by the Broker API, focusing on positions, ledgers, and quotations within a financial or trading context.

Branches, offers, roles:

Provides insights into the structural components of account management, specifically focusing on the organizational, operational, and permission-based classifications within a broker’s framework. It facilitates the retrieval of information regarding Branches (organizational divisions), Offers (account types with specific trading conditions), and Roles (user permissions and responsibilities), essential for streamlined account administration and customization.


Category offers comprehensive tools for managing user accounts on the trading platform. It includes functionalities for fetching detailed information about accounts, creating new accounts, updating existing account details, and changing account passwords. This suite of APIs allows for efficient oversight and customization of user accounts, ensuring that account management is both secure and tailored to meet specific administrative needs.

Accounts / Trading Accounts:

Category provides a robust set of functionalities for managing trading accounts within the system. It encompasses features for retrieving detailed information about trading accounts, including financial metrics and account metadata, as well as capabilities for creating new trading accounts. This suite of APIs is instrumental in facilitating efficient trading account management, enabling users to access, monitor, and set up trading accounts with ease, thereby enhancing the overall trading experience and operational efficiency.


Category is designed to streamline the management and tracking of payment transactions within the system. It offers comprehensive functionalities for accessing detailed information on payments, managing deposits and withdrawals, and handling manual transactions and credit adjustments. This suite of APIs is crucial for ensuring efficient financial operations, providing users with the tools needed to manage payment gateways, track transaction statuses, and execute financial transactions with precision and ease.


Category provides essential tools for order management and trading activity monitoring. It enables users to efficiently manage trading operations, from opening and editing positions to closing them, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined trading experience.

Trading /Trading Data:

Category provides comprehensive access to both real-time and historical trading data, enabling users to analyze market trends, track trading account activities, and make informed decisions. It covers a wide range of data points including open and closed positions, active orders, and ledger entries, offering a detailed overview of trading dynamics and financial transactions within the system. This functionality is crucial for effective trading strategy development and portfolio management.

Trading /trading data/candles:

Offers detailed historical price data through candlestick charts for specific symbols and time intervals, providing key insights into market trends. This feature is essential for technical analysis, allowing users to access open, high, low, and close prices within chosen periods, thereby supporting informed trading and investment decisions.

Unified trading and account management:

Seamlessly manage trading accounts, user accounts, and financial transactions through a single API, enabling efficient oversight and customization of trading operations and account settings.

Market operations and trading execution:

Execute trades with precision and manage trading activities efficiently. Open, edit, and close positions directly through the API, leveraging comprehensive trading tools for informed decision-making.

Comprehensive financial transaction handling:

Manage deposits, withdrawals, and manual financial adjustments with ease. The API provides detailed insights into payment transactions, supporting efficient financial operations and tracking.

Advanced data analysis and reporting:

Utilize extensive trading data, including open and closed positions, active orders, and ledger entries, for in-depth analysis and dynamic reporting. Make informed decisions based on real-time and historical data.

Flexible integration with REST and gRPC protocols:

Designed for easy integration, the API supports both REST and gRPC protocols, ensuring compatibility with diverse client systems and facilitating efficient data streaming and communication.

Enhanced security with token-based authorization:

Secure API access through token-based authorization, ensuring that operations are performed securely and only by authenticated users, thus protecting sensitive information and maintaining client trust.

Customizable trading experience:

Tailor trading conditions and account settings with customizable branches, offers, and roles. The API allows for detailed configuration to meet specific trading needs and preferences.

Efficient risk management tools:

Leverage the API’s detailed market and trading data to enhance risk management strategies. Monitor trading activities and market trends to mitigate risks effectively.