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Match-Trade August Releases

Social Trading and Client Office’ Leaderboard Integration  We’ve added Social Trading support for the Client Office App and Match-Trader platform in our August release. From now on, the Social Trading solution can be used directly from the Client Office. Brokers using our systems will make a masters division with the MAM/Social Trading tag in the […]

Match-Trade July Releases

Yahoo Finance Integration – wide possibility for local deposits In our July release, we’ve added Yahoo Finance Integration via API, which allows calculating deposits in local currency to USD using the Market rate (which can also be marked up). Considering the wide range of local PSPs already integrated with the Match-Trader platform and Client Office […]

Match-Trade June Releases

New Leaderboard Tab In our June release, we’ve added the MAM leaderboard to the Client Office for MT4/MT5  with a list of masters’ accounts managers. Now Clients have access to additional masters’(?) statistics, like ROI statistics for the MetaTrader 4/5 platforms, in the Client Office on the Leaderboard Tab. The new statistics show also the […]

Match-Trade May Releases

Increased number of the IB levels  In our May release, we’ve expanded the IB Structure Support up to 50 levels for MT4 / MT5 WL and our Match-Trader platform. Now Brokers will be able to create structures without limits using 5 independent methods of calculating commission, directly from the Сlient Office with CRM built-in into […]

Match-Trade April Releases

Auto-login feature In our latest release, we’ve added an auto-login feature in our Match-Trader platform and Client Office and CRM app. Now the user is redirected to the platform or Client Office immediately after registration without re-entering the password. With this new feature, the registration process has become more convenient as your client can log […]

Start a Forex Broker: How to choose the right trading platform.

The most important step in becoming a Forex Broker is the choice of technology and trading system. This is a defining moment because depending on the choice of technologies, the course of development of your entire business may change, especially if you are a novice Broker.  Today we will talk about how to choose the […]