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  • Building own Trading Platform (part 2/2) Challenges of back-end technology

    Marketing Team

    The text is the second part of the expert view on the trading platforms market of MTT’s Deputy Head of Sales, Piotr Szczygieł, created in cooperation with the Chief Product Officer, Jacek Czarniawski.

    Developing the back end of a trading system is an exceptionally complex and demanding task. Initially, it’s worth noting that the back end of such a system is like the heart of a machine – extremely sensitive to errors and requiring precise planning from the design stage. At Match-Trade Technologies, our matching engine handles 16 types of orders and 5 times in force (TIF) options, creating 21 potential sources of errors right from the start if the operation logic is not properly planned.

    Let’s ask ourselves, what happens when a user reaches the stop-out level on the platform? Which positions should be closed, and in what order? This is just an example that shows how complex the decisions facing the back-end system can be. Problems can escalate, for example, in the event of a quotation provider’s failure – how should orders be executed then? Answering these and other questions requires a deep understanding and precision in designing the system logic.

    In our experience, even seemingly simple tasks like refreshing data on the platform during the publication of macroeconomic data can pose challenges. We encountered a problem when our system was overloaded with a large number of orders or ticks, leading to delays in refreshing data. We solved this problem by introducing a system that allows for horizontal scaling and distributing clients across different server replicas, ensuring greater stability and responsiveness.

    From a back-end perspective, not only the speed and accuracy of order execution are important but also hosting and technical infrastructure. Our servers are optimised to handle a large number of transactions in a very short time – on average, in less than 8 milliseconds. It is thanks to advanced hosting and scalable architecture that the swift execution of orders is possible.

    Another key aspect is protection against failures and DDoS attacks. At Match-Trade Technologies, we offer the option of automatically switching to backup servers (failover cloud server), ensuring the continuity of services even in the event of a data centre failure. Such redundancy is essential for maintaining the reliability and security of operations on the trading platform.

    The development of the back end does not end with implementation. The technology market is constantly evolving, with new solutions emerging that can affect the system’s efficiency. This requires us to continuously monitor technological innovations and test and implement improvements to ensure our platform always leads in innovation. It also means having a team of qualified specialists who will not only develop the system but also provide technical support and updates.

    In conclusion, the development and maintenance of an advanced back-end system for a trading platform is not only a technological challenge but also a significant financial and organisational undertaking. At Match-Trade Technologies, thanks to meticulous planning and the dedication of our team, we have managed to create a stable, scalable, and efficient back end that serves as the foundation for our institutional clients. Just as a watch mechanism drives the hands, so does our back end power the trading platforms of our clients, enabling precise and effective operations in the financial market.

    The complexity of developing a trading system’s back end lies not only in the intricate logic and high-performance requirements but also in ensuring security, reliability, and scalability. These elements are vital for maintaining the integrity of financial transactions and providing a seamless trading experience. Our focus on advanced hosting solutions, along with our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, ensures that we can meet the evolving needs of the market and our clients.

    Security measures, including protection against DDoS attacks and ensuring failover capabilities, are paramount to sustaining trust in our technology. By offering robust and redundant systems, we safeguard the continuity of trading activities, thereby reinforcing our clients’ confidence in our solutions.

    Moreover, the ongoing evolution of technology demands that we stay ahead by incorporating the latest advancements into our platform. This approach not only enhances performance but also introduces new features and capabilities, making our trading platforms more versatile and adaptable to traders’ needs. It emphasises our commitment to not just keeping pace with industry standards but setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation in the trading technology sector.

    In essence, the development and maintenance of a high-quality back-end system are central to the success of any trading platform. It requires a blend of technical expertise, strategic planning, and a forward-thinking mindset to navigate the complexities of financial technology. At Match-Trade Technologies, we are proud to provide our clients with a back-end solution that is not only technologically advanced but also reliable, scalable, and capable of supporting the dynamic nature of the trading industry. Through our efforts, we aim to empower brokers and their traders with the tools they need for success in the highly competitive world of finance, ensuring that they can operate with efficiency, security, and confidence.

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