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  • Building own Trading Platform (part 1/2) User interface and the role of front end

    Recently attending industry expos, I noticed an increase in the number of trading platform providers, indicative of growing competition and demand for innovative solutions that combine advanced backend technology with an attractive user interface. Observing the FX market for over a decade, it’s clear that Brokers aim to stand out by offering not just exceptional services but also aesthetic, intuitive platforms that attract and engage customers.

    From my experience at Match-Trade Technologies, where we’ve been developing our proprietary trading platform, Match-Trader, I realised how important it is to have a solid, functional technological base. I know how much effort, financial investment, and time it cost us to develop the platform from scratch. This is not something that can be done in two or three years.

    Crafting First Impressions with User Interface

    Many new platforms on the market seem to focus on creating visually appealing products, offering multi-level charts, eye-friendly interfaces, and dozens of additional features. Although these aspects are essential for maintaining attention and user engagement, the vast majority of trading platform users only use basic functionalities, including opening and closing positions, setting take profit/stop loss, and simple technical analysis tools. What’s crucial from the user’s perspective seems to be intuitiveness and convenience. The ability to drag TP/SL lines on the chart, access to top movers instruments, social feed, or copy trading options, but above all, a clear market watch module displaying essential information about the opened position, everything that facilitates decision-making without the need for in-depth knowledge of analytical indicators, useful for advanced traders who, however, constitute a minority of platform users.

    However, the front end’s role extends far beyond aesthetics alone. It is the first point of contact for the user with the platform, which makes it immensely important for building the first impression, which may decide on customer loyalty. That is why, in developing the front end, we emphasise not only aesthetics but also intuitiveness and smoothness of use, which directly translates into user satisfaction and engagement.

    Bridging Trading Technology and Experience

    In the context of frontend cooperation with the backend, the analogy to watch mechanism manufacturers clearly illustrates how both parts must work together to ensure the optimal functioning of the whole. Just as a precise watch mechanism is hidden behind an elegant dial and hands, an advanced technological backend is the foundation that allows the front end to shine and attract users. By offering our backend as a standalone technology, we enable Brokers to create personalised, unique interfaces that not only attract but also retain users while ensuring reliability, security, and efficiency at the highest level.

    Although creating a front end requires specialised knowledge and skills, it is significantly less complex and time-consuming than developing a backend. At Match-Trade, we realise that the key element of any platform is, indeed, the backend technology. We provide our clients with an advanced backend system that can serve as a foundation for building their own unique trading platforms. This approach allows for the creation of a platform tailored to individual needs without the need to invest huge resources in developing internal technological infrastructure.

    API Integration and Custom Front Ends

    Additionally, integrating the Match-Trader backend with custom frontends through APIs opens up a world of possibilities for Brokers in terms of functionality and service development. This enables them to offer their clients unique trading experiences that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally rich. It enables access to advanced market analysis tools, personalised dashboards, and integration with other services and applications, e.g., TradingView, the world’s most popular charting platform with over 50 million users.

    Strategising for Success with Advanced Back End

    In summary, investing in the development of a unique frontend, supported by a solid and technologically advanced backend, becomes an essential element of the strategy of any Broker aiming for success. At Match-Trade Technologies, by providing our proven backend technology as an independent solution, we support our clients in realising this vision, enabling them to construct platforms that are not only aesthetically attractive but also technologically reliable, secure, and efficient – the key to building a strong market position and gaining user trust.