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PRAXIS Cashier integrated with Client Office to extend payment options

Thanks to the PRAXIS Cashier integration every Broker using Match-Trade’s Client Office have instant access to 300 different PSPs including 1000 various payment methods like tier-1 acquiring banks, e-wallets, APM’s and digital currency providers. All the system works to maximize the probability of payment success (advanced routing rules and constant support improve the deposit acceptance rates).

How does PRAXIS Cashier and Client Office work together? 

Client Office being a CRM for Forex Brokers has several deposit options available and PRAXIS Cashier is among them. This integration allows seamless connection to any PSP (even previous ones if available in PRAXIS Cashier) to handle clients’ payments. Adding new PSPs to the aggregator is possible but, a merchant would still need to undergo an acceptance process. Although it only seems difficult since PRAXIS Cashier support introduces the broker to the most certain providers. It is very helpful as they consider broker’s regulation, payment history and region he wants to onboard clients from.

The client chooses the desired payment method from a popup form – all within the Client Office app. It displays the best payment solutions based on the trader’s country of registration.

Instant card deposits

For card deposits there is no redirecting – client provides card data in the same form which makes the payment experience even more uninterrupted. For client’s convenience, the same card some of the details are prefilled so there is no need to provide the entire card data in the future. PRAXIS Cashier’s credit card ‘Smart Routing’ system ensures that card transactions will be routed to the appropriate PSP to maximize the chance of approval. The routing system is designed to reduce decline rates by allowing the client to continue trying to deposit with multiple PSPs until success. After correct payment, funds are instantly sent to the trading account.