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  • April releases on Match-Trader platform

    New look for deposit and withdrawal view

    New look for deposit and withdrawal view

    A recognizable logo will help your customer decide which payment gateway to use for deposit or withdrawal. A broker can select a visible icon in the administration panel. In addition, we have added new payment gateways to our platform. The transaction is now accessible to a wider range of users, as they handle credit card payments from almost all countries around the world.

    More intuitive charts

    Using the charts in all versions is now even more intuitive. Graphs for PCs and Internet platforms can be zoomed in and out using the mouse reel, thus making the historical candle overview more accessible. On the mobile platform, you can now use two fingers to zoom in and out. Forget about using the + and – buttons.


    We have also added support for multi-level commission structures (up to 4 levels) with automatic generation of referral links. Each IB has its own access to the IB portal. It’s where all clients and commissions generated by their clients are visible. Customers can now make internal transfers between different accounts on the platform.

    Easy desktop installation

    Do you prefer to access the Match-Trader platform using a desktop shortcut? We’ve made it easier for you by creating a pop-up GIF file showing you how to configure it. Of course, the computer application is also fully synchronized with the mobile application.