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Digital marketing for Forex Brokers

For practical TIPs & TRICK on how to promote your Forex Brokerage business online download our Guide for Brokers: Marketing.

Digital marketing for forex is an inherent part of a business, that seeks to build a trustworthy brand. Worldwide, the internet is an adviser that we turn to for educational, entertainment or business purposes. In the EU alone more than 77% of businesses can be found online and one in four uses the internet for marketing purposes

The Internet is particularly useful for gaining forex leads and customers from abroad. It is especially common to build credibility within traders online. Unfortunately, the forex market is highly regulated. Browsers along with social media platforms impose various obstacles to forex advertising. Fortunately, there are online marketing strategies for brokers that can be used successfully to advertise a Forex brokerage business. If you are more interested in offline advertising strategies for forex brokers click here.

How to generate Forex leads – website optimization

Brokers can successfully generate forex leads through their own website. You need to take care of an eye-catching design, simple layout and interesting content. In the case of forex brokers, transparency is crucial. Tell about yourself, leave your company and contact details, present your offer and available instruments, introduce your team. 

Thanks to SEO your website will be more visible in the search engine. By following the rules of the search engine robot, you will attract more users to your website. Start with Onsite Seo and a good IT team. It is an optimization that starts when you build your website and should not be overlooked. It’s about preparing your website in such a way that its architecture will have a positive impact on its effectiveness. 

Forex Broker company blog

The next step is off page seo with your marketing team. The first factor to consider in off page seo are internal and external links. The most important is the quality of the links. Random pages directing traffic to your website will be misreceived by the search algorithms and can damage it permanently. Your website must also refer users to valuable sites. Where to start linkbuilding?

A company blog is an excellent tool that can push your broker website to the front page of the search engine. Fill it with educational content that will be of interest to your customers. Don’t forget to add the right keywords and link them to your website. If you are interested in step-by-step digital marketing strategies for brokers, please have a look at our Guide for Brokers: Marketing Tips.