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  • July releases on Match-Trader platform

    Marketing Team

    Individual set of financial operations

    Individual set of financial operations

    Brokers can now set up confirmations of deposits and withdrawals according to their preferences. Each type of deposit or withdrawal method can be confirmed by the broker manually or automatically in our Forex CRM. If automatic deposit or withdrawals are ticked off,  brokers have time to verify the withdrawal or check the source of funds for a deposit before booking it on the client’s trading account. In automatic mode, operations will be confirmed by the CRM with no need for the broker’s intervention.

    New payment methods available

    We have integrated Tether (USDT) to our payment gateways. In such a  way brokers don’t have to take price risk while clients are making deposits in the digital currency. Moreover, digital currency exchangers integrated with Match-Trader supports Tether as well. Thanks to this, clients can make deposits using Wire Transfer or Credit Card. The first method fee can be as low as 2.50% and the commission for credit card deposit starts from 5.00%. 


    In the July update, we’ve created a new Leads Dashboard. This allows brokers to watch every new user without a deposit yet done (lead) and contact him to create better customer communication. Brokers can update the lead status for “Hot”, “Cold”, “Progressive” or “Not interested” and note, for example, user’s preferences in the comments section

    Advanced view of Market Watch

    New elements – high, low, and spread (in the mobile application) have been added to the Market Watch. It allows traders to check which price was the lowest and highest on the current day,  and compare it with the market price. However, if you want to see more instruments you can always turn off Highs/Lows in the settings.

    The new look of the trade form

    We have added the functionality of minimizing the chart in Mobile view. Thanks to that, scrolling is no longer needed to set Take Profit or Stop Loss and traders can check in real-time on the chart where the order will be placed, even on a small screen. What is more, the entire trading form has been reorganized on both mobile and web in order to use less space. This will especially appeal to users of low-resolution devices.

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