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  • Match-Trade August Releases

    Marketing Team

    Managing Clients and Leads independently

    Our August Release brought changes to our Forex CRM.

    Managing Clients and Leads independently

    In our August release, we introduced changes to clients’ and leads’ management in our Forex CRM. From now on, Traders who have made a deposit (FTD – First Time Deposit)  will be shown as clients, and those who have not will be shown as leads.

    The clear division between the two statuses will allow Brokers to work with clients and leads independently. They will be able to manage access to particular CRM sections of their employees/teams more efficiently. That way, they can create different strategies for both of these categories of Traders and easily execute them. Having access to the entire base of users that have not made a deposit, Brokers will have a chance to create a campaign focusing on growing Traders’ engagement. The opposite is also true. Managing the base of active users will become easier as well.

    Individual teams such as Conversion and Retention will now have the information they need to manage leads and customers. This can save a lot of time when reviewing leads and checking their statuses. As the list of leads has been reduced by active customers, the work of teams responsible for verifying leads has been significantly improved.

    Notifications of the current status of Brokers’ sessions

    In August, we made a considerable change to the Match-Trade Bridge. The solution connecting Brokers to chosen liquidity pools now gives them the ability to set up notifications about every change in the statuses. Once turned on, the information about changes in the statuses is automatically delivered to a set e-mail address. Brokers can choose any user or admin that will receive these e-mails. In the message, there will be a possibility to quickly and conveniently change the status.

    This functionality will be extremely important if the Broker’s session gets disconnected. If that happens, the Broker will lose the opportunity to open positions or access to the quotes. Receiving notifications will allow the Broker and our Support Team to react quickly. They will be able to restore all capabilities of the connection by restarting the bridge or the fix session.

    Storing the history of Account Managers

    From now on, Brokers will have access to the history of Account Managers. If the Account Manager of a given client or lead changes, the information about that event will show up in the Timeline tab. Possible events include:

    • Assignment of a new Account Manager,
    • Reassignment of the Account Manager,
    • Deleting the Account Manager.

    By introducing this change, we give the Broker complete control over what is happening in CRM. Brokers no longer have to remember about the management of a given client. Everything is always visible and available in one view. Brokers can thus even better measure the efficiency or effectiveness of their employees. They have full information, thanks to which they can save a lot of time. There is no need to check how the management of a given client/lead proceeded. 

    It is also easier to obtain information about archival issues. Both the Broker and the manager then know who to contact if the Trader has a new account manager, but the problem concerns the period before his assignment.

    Predefined roles in the Forex CRM

    In the August update, we added the list of roles that automatically appear after the CRM’s configuration. 

    This list includes:

    • Account Manager,
    • KYC,
    • Support & Customer Service,
    • Finance.
    • Conversion Agent,
    • Conversion Team Leader,
    • Retention Agent,
    • Retention Team Leader.

    The Broker can freely edit the permissions and accesses of each role and decide whether he wants to use them. The feature allows Brokers to quickly and effectively manage all the assigned roles. That, in turn, makes managing the entire staff hassle-free, making all the processes faster and easier.

    Roles are an important step toward preparing a ready-made toolkit for Brokers. The introduced change requires even less work/time on the part of the Broker because it is already configured for him. The roles are based on the already checked settings in our CRM. They are based on the experiences of our clients. The Broker does not have to think about configuring roles anymore. It is enough to edit and match existing ones to the structure of his teams. Brokers can exclude those that they do not currently use as well. If something changes, the role can be easily assigned to the chosen member.

    More intuitive display of roles in the Accounts tab of the Forex CRM

    In August, we also introduced changes to the Accounts view in our Forex CRM. To make the entire view more intuitive, we changed the Role column’s contents. Now, Brokers will quickly see the exact role assigned to the specific person in the Roles Management tab. Without having to look for this information, the entire process of managing the roles will be more streamlined.

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