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  • Match-Trade January Releases

    Mass mailing functionality

    Mass mailing functionality

    To our Back office system, we have added a Mass mailing feature – possibility to send email to the specified group of users. Brokers can select to send email to Leads or/and Active clients, specified account status or filter mailing list by country or branch.

    What is more, Brokers have a live preview of the created email so they can create an email with HTML and CSS styles.

    KYC in Match-Trader

    In the January release, we have added the KYC option in our Match-Trader platform. Deposit or withdrawal operations can be set only for verified users, also with the possibility to demand verification only for certain payment gateways. Also creating trading accounts in some offers can be reserved only for verified users. Verification option is available in every version of Match-Trader – mobile, web and desktop.

    MAM – two trading systems at once

    Our Match-Trader MAM system got the possibility to connect to Metatrader 5. From now on MAM can be used for both systems – master can trade using Metatrader 5 while slaves will be using Match-Trader. It can be used as a standard master-slave setup but it can be also useful to copy trades opened with EA written in MQL to the Match-Trader system. MAM can be configured with any MT5 demo or real server.

    Detailed Financial Operations in Match-Trader

    Current status of the deposit or withdrawal can be checked also on Match-Trader, trader simply needs to click “Financial operations” button and check the details regarding any payment.

    Broker profile

    All the information provided to the trader can be now changed by the broker. Besides standard information like a phone number or company name, every broker can add his direct communicator like Messenger, Telegram, WeChat or WhatsApp and link to download a trading platform.

    Change in handling digital currency deposits

    Our previous digital currency deposit flow has been changed with the new one which is more convenient for the end-user. In the new flow, the digital currency address is assigned to each trading account. Thanks to that trader can save his address and deposit any time without needing to generate a new address on the platform.