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  • Match-Trade June Releases

    New Leaderboard Tab

    New Leaderboard Tab

    In our June release, we’ve added the MAM leaderboard to the Client Office for MT4/MT5  with a list of masters’ accounts managers. Now Clients have access to additional masters’(?) statistics, like ROI statistics for the MetaTrader 4/5 platforms, in the Client Office on the Leaderboard Tab. The new statistics show also the worst and the best trades, the percentage of profit and loss from buying and selling, profit and loss days, average profit and loss in currency or pips.

    Client’s documents upload  – Back Office

    In our June release, we’ve added the KYC section in the Accounts tab to the Back office application. It displays all verification requests for a given email account with the option of adding a new request. Additionally, it became possible to upload KYC documents from the Back Office level for Brokers. 

    “Hidden offer” tag 

    A new “Hidden Offer” tag that has appeared in the Back Office App allows you to hide a specific offer in the registration form when adding a new account after logging in and on the MAM leaderboard. From now on, the Broker can create a special offering for selected clients. 

    Top Movers Adjustment to the instrument lever

    Starting June, investors will be able to observe maximum changes only on the instruments that are currently tradable in the top movers. The potential for profit or loss for this instrument is considered, taking into account the available leverage on the symbol.

    VNpay integration 

    In our latest release, we continue to add new payment methods for the convenience of our clients and investors. Thanks to the integration with VNpay, payments in VND are now available for each user of our Match-Trader platform or Client Office with CRM from Vietnam.

    Export of Closed Positions and Finance tabs to CSV  

    There have also been some changes in our Match-Trader Pro platform. For Liquidity Providers who operate on our platform, the reports from Closed Position and Finance tabs are available for download in CSV format. 

    In our Client Office with CRM, we’ve added registration forms with links for Introducing Brokers and subIBs. The form is fully responsive, and links can be handled on mobile devices. 

    Thai language in Client Office

    We can easily add new languages to our Match-Trader platform and Client Office with CRM at the request of our clients. Critical update for our Thai clients – Thai language is now available in the client office in addition to English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. English, Indian, Russian, Persian, Korean, Arabic, Swedish, Spanish are currently available for our in-house developed Match-Trader platform.