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Match-Trade March releases

As the forex market continues to grow and evolve, we know that staying ahead of the curve is essential. That’s why in March we made several enhancements to our proprietary Match-Trader platform, expanded some features in Forex CRM for Brokers, and improved Match-Trader Manager functionality. These new features are designed to give your brokerage business a competitive edge and help you stay ahead of the game. For a complete list of all the new updates and how they can help improve your brokerage business, keep reading below.

Investor Access tab in the Match-Trader platform 

In March, we added a new tab called “Investor Access” in the User Settings section of our Match-Trader platform. New functionality allows traders to create a view-only account. When creating an account, the system generates a random email address, and users can set their passwords.

Benefits for Brokers: 

Brokers using the Match-Trader trading platform can now provide their clients with direct access to monitor and track the transactions of other traders. Therefore, traders can make more informed investment decisions based on real-time market activity. The secure login process employed by Match-Trader ensures the protection of sensitive client data, thereby giving Brokers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Ultimately, the “Investor Access” feature can be a powerful tool to enhance the trading experience for brokers and clients. 

Expanding the export functionality in the Forex CRM 

In March, we also focused on enhancing the data management in our Forex CRM for Brokers. As part of this effort, we have added two new columns – Payment ID and Wallet Address – into the export function of the Deposits and Withdrawals tab.

Benefits for Brokers:

With new information in the exported file, Brokers can more effectively track their clients’ financial operations. 

Improved Deposits and Withdrawals management in our CRM

Users with create permission for DEPOSIT_REQUEST and WITHDRAW_REQUEST roles can now create Deposit/Withdrawal requests directly from the Deposits and Withdrawals tab.

Benefits for Brokers: 

This new feature extends the capabilities of these roles, making it even easier to manage traders’ transactions. 

Improving User Experience in Match-Trader Manager

In March, we also worked on improving our Match-Trader Manager app. We have added the capability to copy values from the Login and Order ID columns in the Positions, Active Orders, Orders, Closed Trades, and Ledgers tabs. From now on, users can also copy values from the Closing Order ID column in the Closed Trades tab.

Benefits for Brokers:

This improvement enhances user experience and streamlines the workflow for Broker’s team. With the new capability to copy values from various columns, Brokers and their employees can now easily copy and paste important information, saving time and reducing the risk of mistakes.

Trade Duration column in the Match-Trader Manager 

The Match-Trader Manager has a new column, “Trade Duration”. It displays the duration of each transaction. The column will be hidden by default.

Benefits for Brokers:

With this valuable new tool, Brokers can better understand their traders’ strategies and manage risk more effectively.

Fixed Leverage in the Match-Trader Manager

We have added a new flag called “Fixed Leverage” to the instrument configuration in the group. When the flag is enabled for a specific symbol, the margin calculation utilizes only the leverage set on that symbol in the group without considering traders’ individual leverage settings. As a result, the leverage ratio percentage will no longer be multiplied.

Benefits for Brokers: 

This improvement simplifies the margin calculation process as well as adds the possibility to fix leverage for particular instruments, making it more efficient and accurate.

Streamlined instruments configuration in the Match-Trader Manager

We have added the capability to download and upload the configuration of instruments within a particular group through a CSV file.

Benefits for Brokers:

With this new feature, Brokers can easily manage and transfer their instrument configurations, saving time and streamlining workflow.