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  • Match-Trader and TradingView collaboration: elevating the trading landscape for Forex Brokers

    Marketing Team

    Reaching a major milestone, the creators of Match-Trader, the award-winning trading technology for Forex brokers, announced the integration with TradingView. This strategic move reflects the demands of top-tier brokers seeking to forge a trading connection between their back-end technology and the world’s leading charting platform, used by over 50 million traders globally. Such collaboration of the two forex-renowned platforms aims to help brokers increase their brand awareness, attract new customers, and provide an unrivalled trading experience for existing users.

    The Match-Trader platform, recently named the Best Investment/Trading app at FMLS:23 for its mobile-first approach and user-centric design, has established its position among industry leaders and gained recognition from major Forex Brokers. This seamlessly crafted connection of Match-Trader back-end technology with the entire TradingView interface, which includes an array of best-in-class charting, drawing, and visual analysis tools, will meet the growing demand among top-tier Brokers for robust and user-friendly solutions.

    “We are dedicated to broadening investment possibilities for retail traders, and a key aspect of this endeavour is our collaboration with broker partners,” says Rauan Khassan, VP of international growth at TradingView. “We were fortunate to partner with Match-Trader, whose trading platform empowers many brokerage companies. Through a streamlined integration process, these brokers can now seamlessly connect to TradingView, enriching their value proposition and product offerings with our visual analysis tools and social network features, and access a global audience exceeding 50 million users,” he concludes.

    According to the setup, brokers using Match-Trader servers can now leverage TradingView’s cutting-edge front end with its superb charting capabilities and a vibrant investment community. Combined with Match-Trader’s high-performance matching engine, proven to support up to 200,000 accounts, it allows brokers to upscale their business capabilities.

    “We are thrilled about our integration with TradingView,” says Alexis Droussiotis, Head of Match-Trader. “This partnership not only enhances Match-Trader’s ecosystem but also aligns with market trends and expectations. After months of carefully crafted integration and thorough testing, we are confident our server meets the high standards of the TradingView investor community, helping our clients to strengthen their positions in the industry. We believe this partnership will benefit Brokers seeking dual trading solutions with advanced back-end technology, guaranteeing streamlined operations and diverse trading experiences,” he continues.

    The Match-Trader platform, with reliable proprietary technology introduced to the FX market by Match-Trade Technologies, a renowned technology provider with over a decade of experience, offers extensive APIs, allowing Brokers to easily incorporate the trading server into their technological environment. Now, enhanced with TradingView as a full-fledged trading interface, Match-Trader provides a versatile and secure solution for building a solid brand and standing out in the brokerage business.

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