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Dynamic Works integrated its flagship Syntellicore CRM with the Match-Trader platform

Dynamic Works, a well-established business management software provider, has integrated its Forex CRM with Match-Trader, our proprietary trading platform. The Syntellicore CRM designed to ensure the best possible customer experience, together with the state-of-the-art Match-Trader server, create an advanced and efficient solution for leading Forex Brokers.

Syntellicore by Dynamic Works is a recognised CRM and Trader Room solution that has been present in the market since 2011. Seamlessly integrated with the Match-Trader platform, create a comprehensive solution for forex brokers with a substantial client base. The integration has been crafted with a focus on enabling a smooth flow of users with a single sign-on, allowing traders to access the platform and Trader Room without having to log in to each application separately.

Throughout the years of consistent development, Match-Trader has solidified its standing in clients’ perceptions by successfully addressing the crucial needs of the demanding Forex market for both Brokers and traders. As one of few standalone forex trading platforms, Match-Trader is constantly expanding its ecosystem in order to ensure that large, established Brokers can easily fit the platform into the technological environment they have already built.

“This year, Match-Trade Technologies celebrated its 10th anniversary. As a forex technology provider, we have been developing our system for 10 years – starting with the matching engine and the institutional platform that is now the base of the Match-Trader platform for Brokers. We have reached the point where Match-Trader is such an advanced and stable technology that it meets the demands of clients seeking trading servers with proven performance, even when reaching 200,000 accounts. Being recognised in the market for its reliability, the Match-Trader platform is more and more often integrated by top-tier CRMs like Syntellicore, which provide efficient onboarding and client management for Brokers of global reach. Moreover, our user-centric platform is the perfect complement to Syntellicore CRM, which is designed to streamline business operations by automating marketing, sales and onboarding processes. Thanks to the seamless integration, we can provide users with the best trading experience.” said Alexis Droussiotis, the Head of Match-Trader platform.

The multitude and variety of integrations offered by the Match-Trader system make it easier for clients to quickly incorporate the platform into their current ecosystem, significantly reducing the time to make the live platform available for traders. It also allows Brokers to freely configure their environment around the Match-Trader trading server, providing clients with more freedom to mix and match various seamlessly connected products according to their preferences.