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  • Match-Trader – the story of our platform

    Match-Trader – the story of our platform

    For many years the forex market was dominated by a single trading platform. Created in the early 2000s, it quickly grew into a broad community, becoming synonymous with CFD trading. Following its success, more platforms began to be developed as the industry dynamically grew, but it lacked diversity. When new solutions like cTrader (2011), xStation (2013), and our own Match-Trader (first launched in 2015) emerged on the market, it inspired technology providers to constantly develop and improve their trading tools.  

    At present, we already see quite a lot of saturation in the market with various platforms. Still, not all of them have the same market maturity that guarantees they have been properly tested. Many of them are also not stand-alone systems but simply thin clients or a different front-end to a well-known software.

    One of the solutions that are gaining more and more attention on the market is the Match-Trader, the trading platform we’ve been developing since 2013. In a decade of presence on the market, we have consistently expanded the range of our proprietary software and services for forex Brokers based on those solutions.  

    It all began with an ultra-fast matching engine

    Match-Trader first appeared on the market in 2015. In the beginning, the platform was only available to institutional clients who wanted to streamline their execution using Match-Trade’s flagship matching engine technology. The matching technology developed since the very start of the company quickly gained popularity for its speed and reliability. It allowed Brokers to create an open order book and provided execution of over 50,000 transactions per second with less than 3 milliseconds of latency. All forex providers who wanted to connect to the matching engine could access it directly through the Match-Trader platform (at the time only web-based) or using FIX API. At the next stage of system development, we extended the integration possibilities by building our in-house FIX Bridge. Already at the planning stage, the system was designed to be easily integrated with major ECN liquidity providers and the most popular retail trading platforms, allowing it to be thoroughly tested over the next few years by several LPs owning Match-Trader PRO servers. 

    After being well received by institutional clients, Match-Trader was further developed as an independent trading platform. Initially, as the MT4/5 White Label provider, we planned to provide our clients with an additional web platform version. Still, such integration has never materialized due to a lack of approval from MetaQuotes. But since we had already started working on adjusting the platforms’ front-end to provide usability matching the specific needs of individual traders, we naturally expanded the development scope to add a retail module to our in-house system. And so, five years after its launch, the Match-Trader platform with a retail module, enhanced back-end, and trader-centred layout design was introduced to the forex traders community.

    Match-Trader redesigned to serve retail Brokers

    The official launch of the Match-Trader White Label offer for retail Brokers took place in January 2020. Match-Trader was redesigned using cutting-edge Progressive Web App technology to be an omnichannel trading app. It is appreciated by Brokers for its comprehensive approach to usability, guaranteeing the best trading experience for their clients. The PWA enables traders easily swap between devices as all their settings are synchronized in real-time. This is a truly unique solution in the forex platforms market as Match-Trader, is a single trading app accessible on mobile and desktop devices as well as a web platform. In addition, this solution also allows Brokers to diversify the platform’s distribution channels, which in addition to the app stores, can also be downloaded directly from the Broker’s website. This is especially important since Apple started treating platforms from different Brokers as duplicates.

    Intuitive and user-friendly platform loved by traders

    What distinguishes Match-Trader from other trading platforms is its simplicity of use, including single sign-on access to CRM features or Social Trading designed to boost engagement and client retention. Without leaving the app, traders can make a deposit and verify themselves (KYC procedure), and Introducing Brokers can quickly go to the Partner Room. It is no surprise, therefore, that after just one year, the platform received its first People’s Choice award for the Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform at the Cyprus expo.

    Match-Trader also has special features for White Label providers. The platform allows each Broker to have individual sets of symbols without any suffixes or being affected by other groups that have been created beforehand. There are no inconsistencies in the charts displayed. In the Match-Trader, all charts show prices precisely as they appear in the Market Watch, including markups set by the Broker. And last but not least is the end-of-day time that can be set according to the broker’s timezone to calculate swaps and prepare statements at the time requested by the Broker. 

    An open trading environment with a variety of APIs

    After 2 more years, in 2022, we came to the point where the Match-Trader platform was attracting dozens of Brokers with an ecosystem of around 40 partners, including major distribution systems, market-leading CRMs and supporting apps. So when a hunt for a new trading platform began, especially among White Label providers, it only sped up our decision to expand our portfolio with a full server license. Although the platform itself was not yet so well recognised among traders, I have to admit immodestly that our company was already trusted by Brokers, technology providers and LPs to such an extent that in just six months, we managed to sell 12 servers, including 2 of the largest White Label providers in the forex market – Tools for Brokers and B2Broker.

    Match-Trader Server – high processing capacity guaranteed

    We already had more than 100k active trading accounts on our own server, so we knew we could guarantee its high processing capacity. We had also been developing the ecosystem around Match-Trader for a long time so that each client could quickly adapt the platform to the software they had already used, e.g. CRM or any distribution system. Hence adjusting the platform to the needs of technology providers was not an issue. 

    After wrapping up 2022 it turned out that the sale of Match-Trader doubled compared to 2021. Furthermore, we acquired over 175 new clients, which is over 30% more onboarded clients than in the previous year, which left us with a 103% growth in revenue. Looking deeper into the platform’s performance, we saw that the value of customer deposits has tripled, meaning Match-Trader is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for traders.

    Match-Trader is a state-of-the-art independent platform that has been available to all forex participants since 2020. Following the launch of the retail platform in its modern design, the PRO version has also been given a refreshed layout and functionalities to meet the highest demands of highly regulated Brokers. Match-Trader PRO is part of the CySec-regulated liquidity solution offered by Match-Prime Liquidity. Both solutions are available worldwide and, as such, promoted globally. The schedule of industry expos, where you can meet the team, can be found on our website