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  • Navigating the disruption: Fast recovery of Prop Brokers with the Match-Trader server

    Last week, several prominent Prop Trading firms had to suspend their operations, facing a sudden threat to their business continuity. As many prop trading firms have developed in tandem with established Forex brokers, often sharing a trading server, this challenge stirred unease and concerns over the entire industry, highlighting the critical need for adaptable, robust trading platforms capable of responding swiftly to unexpected disruptions. Match-Trader has demonstrated its capacity to be such a platform, offering advanced technology, seamless integration, and an understanding of the unique demands of Prop Trading Brokers, now racing against time to future-proof their businesses. 

    What’s next for the Prop Trading community?

    Brokers with backup platforms, enabling a swift switch and user migration, have an edge. However, there is still the aspect of convincing traders to change their preferences and move to another system with a different interface. The situation is more complex for those reliant on a single platform provider. What options remained for businesses forced to halt operations suddenly? 

    Race against time for Prop Trading firms

    Such brokers face a critical challenge to swiftly restore trading services for their clients. Reopening a business from the ground up is challenging, to say the least. Even for those who know the market well and can choose a new platform easily, they still face some obstacles. These include dealing with procedures, moving accounts, and, crucial for prop trading firms, integrating dedicated CRM systems to manage funded accounts. 

    This is exactly the setback a well-known proprietary trading broker, Funding Pips, encountered when their trading platform was blocked. Seeking a fast track to restoring their trading operations for a substantial number of 100,000 accounts, they opted for the Match-Trader platform.

    Match-Trader server –  restore your Broker within a week

    Below we describe how the Match-Trader system makes this swift recovery of the entire business possible in just a week.

    The edge of an independent system 

    Match-Trader distinguishes itself not just with its cutting-edge technology, developed by renowned IT experts, but also through its adaptability. Our in-depth experience in the forex sector has led to a meticulously designed system, addressing common broker challenges like adapting to new trends and regulatory changes (e.g., adding external front-end platforms and dealing with app stores’ policy changes).

    Match-Trader operates as an independent system with its own matching engine, ensuring scalability and proven efficiency with up to 250k accounts — a crucial feature for large prop trading brokers. The Match-Trader platform offers an open ecosystem, facilitating seamless integration into existing broker frameworks. Its comprehensive range of integrations and robust API architecture guarantees the smooth incorporation of external systems.

    Seamless transition with step-by-step technical support 

    Acknowledging the complexities of migrating to a new platform, Match-Trader provides extensive technical support and training. The time-to-market is minimised with a state-of-the-art API structure followed by carefully crafted technical documentation and personal support from the Match-Trader team. Our commitment to client assistance, available around the clock via dedicated channels, promises a seamless transition for prop trading firms to the Match-Trader environment. We have streamlined our process to ease and accelerate migration and integration, with the launch timeline depending solely on the broker’s development team, supported by our experts at every stage.

    Embracing mobile-first approach for foolproof accessibility

    In our increasingly mobile-centric world, Match-Trader’s user-friendly mobile interface and advanced PWA technology ensure uninterrupted market access, aligning perfectly with contemporary trading practices. The platform not only offers a trader-focused interface for optimal user experience but also allows seamless switching between mobile and desktop tools, preserving complete activity history. Match-Trader’s progressive web app ensures consistent accessibility across all mobile devices, irrespective of operating system or app store policies, thereby guaranteeing complete broker autonomy.

    Reliable partner with an impeccable industry reputation 

    With years of Forex market experience, our platform is tailored to the evolving needs of Brokers and emerging market trends. Our commitment to transparency, mutual trust, and a collaborative approach assures clients of their business security. Our streamlined KYC process minimises procedural delays in migration or integration commencement.

    Focus on your business growth – Match-Trader handles the rest  

    By providing comprehensive support, unwavering accessibility, and a system built on scalability and efficiency, Match-Trader has proven itself to be a reliable partner in times of crisis. This case study of Funding Pips, rapidly recovering from a significant setback, serves as a testament to Match-Trader’s ability to ensure business continuity and adaptability in the ever-evolving world of Forex trading. As the industry continues to navigate uncertain waters, the importance of having a flexible, forward-thinking technology partner becomes undeniably clear, marking a new era of resilience and agility in the world of proprietary trading.