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Launch and automate your own Prop Trading business

Enhance your capabilities with our cutting-edge solution developed in collaboration with top Prop Trading experts. Match-Trader empowers Prop Trading firms to deliver an unparalleled trading experience to their traders.

Benefit from our award-winning trading platform seamlessly integrated with a Prop Trading management system.

Prop Trading firms using our platform

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The advantages of our seamless Prop Trading solution

Prop Trading management system

Manage funded accounts with a suite of features that enhance the trading experience. Benefit from real-time account monitoring through tailored trader dashboards and set evaluations, challenges, and rules to fit your exact specifications. Leverage our selection of APIs to seamlessly integrate and customize your operational needs.


Generate more excitement and motivation among traders via integrated trading contests and public leaderboards in order to convert them into brand ambassadors. Issue certificates and shareable dashboards to encourage engagement and rivalry while growing your business potential.


Seamless and scalable solution for future-proof
Prop Trading business

High Capacity Server

Run up to 250k accounts without any performance loss. The Match-Trader platform is based on a high-performance server in order to guarantee the best efficiency available for the trading environment.

Scalable Technology

Take advantage of the combined technology stack designed to scale with you as your prop trading business grows. It is designed to support large-scale trading activity and client numbers without performance issues. Increase account numbers and server space within one click.


Cater to the clients’ needs with high data protection standards and modern encryption methods, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data communication. Feel safe with our experienced support team providing extensive training covering all the platform features and ongoing 24/7 technical support.

PWA Technology

Manage your brokerage business freely on any device at any chosen time and place with the Progressive Web Application. Provide your traders with the possibility of using the platform, which adjusts automatically to screen resolution and synchronises the data in real-time across various devices.


Provide your proprietary trading platform with all the necessary elements of brand identity.Logotypes, as well as information about the company, can be added to the mobile and web versions of the platform to foster client loyalty.


Take advantage of multiple reporting options, such as tracking comprehensive transaction history and personalised statistical insights, in order to support optimisation for profitability and secure the business from potential abusers, as well as risk management.

Seamless Integrations

Leverage our wide range of APIs to seamlessly integrate and customise your trading ecosystem, meeting every operational requirement of yours and your clients’. Take advantage of the freedom to integrate any application, crafting a tailored solution that aligns with your unique requirements.

Grow your Prop Trading business. With us.