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  • The biggest advantages of the Match-Trader platform for traders

    Marketing Team

    The biggest advantages of the Match-Trader platform for traders

    Forex traders are more likely to choose brokers who offer mobile platform solutions

    The Internet revolutionized the world with unlimited access to information and the ability to deal with any matter online. Research shows that over 81% of time spent online are mobile minutes. It’s also consistent with FX brokers reporting increased traffic on mobile trading platforms (especially during commuting hours). Instead of planning and spending time sitting in front of a computer, investors prefer to trade spontaneously or in their free time – including on the way to work or on a break from everyday activities. 

    Match-Trader is a complete trading platform (web, mobile, desktop) dedicated for mobile trading (“on the go”). It takes up no storage space in the device and ensures high performance also on older generation smartphones. The intuitive interface ensures efficient navigation through the trading app – from downloading and simple registration to executing trades (opening/closing positions) and deposit or withdrawing funds. Information and settings are synchronized across all devices in real-time thanks to PWA technology. 

    How FX Brokers can benefit from Match-Trader

    Optimised user’s path allows converting more leads into traders. The lesser obstacles to overcome, the bigger chance for brokers to retain more loyal investors. Match-Trader provides its user with multiple features to manage their trading accounts on their own. Trader can confirm his identity, deposit and withdraw funds, open another account and transfer funds between accounts. When traders don’t have to leave the app while performing trades, they are more likely to complete their transactions.

    Furthermore, vast branding possibilities can help a broker build his own brand and become recognisable among traders. Match-Trader is an all-in-one trading platform designed to meet all of the expectations of the fast-growing amount of mobile traders as well as those investors who prefer the traditional desktop/ web platform. Offer your clients the best trading platform on the market and give yourself the tool that will help you increase your profits. Let us take care of your business by lowering your ongoing costs.

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