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  • May releases on Match-Trader platform

    May releases on Match-Trader platform

    Closed session mark and timer

    For better control of the Market Watch view, we have added a different (grey) colour for the symbol standing for a closed session. Moreover, the timer placed on the right will show you exactly when the session will be open and the instrument will be available to trade.

    Multiple close on Match-Trader web

    If you have a long list of open positions they might be difficult to manage especially when it comes to close many of them at a time. We have implemented a multi-select option on the mobile view. As it turned out to be very useful, we have decided to add it also to the web view.

    New line chart

    We have added another type of chart – a line chart, which works perfectly with existing indicators. Traders can now do analysis on candle charts and the same information will be visible on the line charts as well. Line charts can be accessed in the extended chart view on mobile or by just clicking the candle chart icon on the web view.

    Easier way to deposit with low margin

    If a trader doesn’t have enough funds but wants to open another position he will see a deposit button instead of trading ones. If a trader wants to open the opposite position of an already existing one it will be still possible.

    Easy account navigation

    Navigating through trading accounts is now easier as all of the accounts have an offer name and account type (Live/Demo) next to its ID. Moreover, a demo account user will now have an additional button by hand to open a live account faster.

    Internal and external transfers

    We’ve also added the possibility to transfer user’s funds between his accounts. This withdrawal method is available for live accounts and will be very useful for managing trading accounts – this option will be soon available on our platform. What is interesting about this feature is that clients can make internal transfers also to external accounts registered under the same broker.

    New payment gateway

    As Bitcoin deposit is getting commonly used on our platform we have integrated a new exchanger allowing credit card payments that covers almost all countries around the world and offers affordable fees. Additionally, we plan to add 2 more gateways in the next update to expand the local currencies coverage for deposits.

    New notifications configuration

    Three already existing tabs have been merged to one Operation section. Broker can set up their email notifications for operations available on the platform such as accounts creation and update, deposit, withdrawal and password reset etc. 

    Branches with independent admin access

    Our clients have their broker branches around the world. Therefore, we have created separate admin access to each of them. Branch admin can see and edit trading accounts only in his branch. Deposits confirmation and withdrawals are not a problem either. What’s worth noticing is that each offer in the registration form is connected to a specific branch. As a result, there is no need for a broker to create multiple registration forms for each branch.

    Updated symbol’s info

    Pip value of 1 lot can now be found in symbol’s info of every trading instrument. Therefore, the value of the contract can be better understood especially by novice traders.