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  • The overview of the Match-Trader trading platform

    The overview of the Match-Trader trading platform
    Match-Trader is a new all-in-one Forex trading platform created by Match-Trade Technologies the leading technology provider in the FX market. This stand-alone trading system was built in a Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology, therefore, it offers mobile, web and desktop apps together with embedded Client Office to enable making deposits and request withdrawals straight from the platform to increase user retention. The experienced investors will appreciate the modern edge and expanded options while the beginners will enjoy its simplicity and intuitiveness. 

    Designed for users’ convenience

    Match-Trader ensures the very same trading experience regardless of the device.

    Match-Trader ensures the very same trading experience regardless of the device. While designing Match-Trader, developers made sure that all the users’ settings are synchronized across web, mobile and desktop in real-time to secure constant trading experience. Meaning that every action taken by a  trader in the web app will be visible on mobile devices, unlike other forex trading platforms where all changes must be applied manually.

    Also, traders can download Match-Trader app directly from the Broker’s website and it can be launched from an icon on the home screen of a chosen device. Especially convenient for offshore brokers thus  Google Play or Apple store approval isn’t necessary.

    Build a strong FX brand

    Match-Trader trading platform allows vast branding possibilities. As for Match-Trader platform, every single app will have its Broker’s logo displayed. Also, The platform Every Broker can name the app whatever he wants to build his brand awareness, add a logo, change colours of tabs and buttons, and many more.  No more restrictions concerning brokerage name or appearing under the platform provider’s logo. All of this included in an affordable White Label offer.

    Increase number of customers

    To improve the customer journey and help to convert more leads into traders, Match-Trader developers have optimised onboarding and first-time deposit processes. The registration forms are embedded in the platform across all channels – mobile, web and desktop.

    Easy to use for first-timers

    Although Match-Trader’s user interface has a modern and sophisticated look, operating it is very easy and making a trade takes no more than 3 steps. 

    The user interface is rather a market standard. It provides a full view of funds required to open a trade, expected results of take-profit/ stop-loss orders. Also, all charts show the prices exactly as they appear in the Market Watch, also when marked up.  But there is something for users who want to automate their trading PAMM/ MAM and Social Trading solutions to give traders more flexibility in managing their funds.

    Back-office apps to manage the system

    Full licence package includes additional back-office apps to self-manage the entire system. Obviously, Match-Trade’s 24/ broker support will help in any matter.

    Manager app with API to handle customers

    • create new trading accounts, 
    • passwords change, 
    • handle deposits etc. 
    • connect external applications to Match-Trader system

    Admin app to configure the whole trading environment

    • set spreads, commission and leverages on the clients’ groups 

    Generous package

    Match-Trader is offered in 2 versions as affordable White Label or a Full license package.

    Match-Trader WL includes proprietary CRM (Client Office) integrating KYC providers, Match2Pay Payment Gateway and 300 other PSPs through Praxis Cashier. Above that, it’s also offered with ultra-fast Data Feeds for various instruments together with B-book execution with the ability to expand. Also, there are several LPs integrated with the system so they can be connected to without any problem. 

    Why is it worth trying?

    To sum up, Match-Trader Forex trading platform is a good solution for small and medium-sized brokers, who look for a quality all-in-one solution at a competitive price. It offers the best trading experience and a couple of new, interesting benefits for both brokers and traders. The experienced investors should appreciate the modern edge and expanded options while the beginners will enjoy its simplicity and intuitiveness. 

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