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Match-Trader Back Office Apps

Match-Trader offers wide range of back office applications allowing every broker to make modifications whenever they feel the need and manage the entire system on their own.

Admin application with Routing Engine

Administrative authority to configure whole trading environment available in one app.

Key features of Admin application:

  • Configuration of existing and new instruments
  • Adding new managers/admins accounts with specific roles
  • Setup and configuration of client groups
  • LP and Data Feed configuration
  • Candles configuration

Integrate external Liquidity Providers with Match-Trader System through our Routing Engine

  • Ultra-low latency, anonymous trading
  • All types of orders supported: Market, Limit, Stop
  • Access to L2 Market Depth via FIX
  • Connectivity to multiple liquidity sources, front-end trading platforms and APIs
  • Complex and dynamic order routing rules
  • Multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation
  • Comprehensive reporting and risk analysis
Admin application with routing engine

Manager with API

The Manager API allows brokers to integrate closely with Match-Trader system and connect external applications.

  • Manage all of your clients’ activities and accounts in one place
  • Manage deposits and withdrawals
  • Access various reports
  • See clients trades, accounts information and more
Manager with API

Match-Trader WL Manager

Gain flexible control over the existing white label setup. Change spreads, mark-ups, and commissions whenever you want without having to contact Match-Trade administrative support.

Key features of Match-Trader WL Manager:

  • Changing markups on client groups
  • Modify commissions and agent commission on client group
  • Updating swaps and leverage on each instrument in the group
  • Changing margin call and stop out level for each group
  • Configuring daily reports and margin call notifications
Match-Trader WL Manager

Supporting apps

We offer a variety of plugins, extensions built in-house to meet all of our client’s needs.

  • FIX Bridge to connect any LP
  • Client Office application to easily onboard, verify and manage your clients
  • MAM/PAMM application
  • Multi Level IB application
  • Data Feeds for over 105 instruments including: FX, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and 2000+ Equity instruments
  • Manager API to call all manager functions from external applications such as your own Client Office, website or reporting tools
  • Websocket API to easily stream prices directly to your website
  • Web candle API to export the charts to external websites

We encourage technology providers and software developers to cooperate in creating a complete trading ecosystem for brokers and clients.