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Digital marketing for Forex Brokers

For practical TIPs & TRICK on how to promote your fx business online download our Guide for Brokers: Marketing. Digital marketing for forex is an inherent part of a business, that seeks to build a trustworthy brand. Worldwide, the internet is an adviser that we turn to for educational, entertainment or business purposes. In the […]

How to become a broker – Guide #1

Establishing a forex brokerage business does not necessarily involve a complicated process of licensing and fighting against forex regulations. First, you should thoroughly understand the legal jurisdictions. Take your time to learn about the internal regulations and authorities in the area of your choice.   Find a trusted partner who will help you analyze each of […]

May releases on Match-Trader platform

Closed session mark and timer For better control of the Market Watch view, we have added a different (grey) colour for the symbol standing for a closed session. Moreover, the timer placed on the right will show you exactly when the session will be open and the instrument will be available to trade. Multiple close […]

The biggest advantages of the Match-Trader platform for traders

Forex traders are more likely to choose brokers who offer mobile platform solution The Internet revolutionized the world with unlimited access to information and the ability to deal with any matter online. Research shows that over 81% of time spent online are mobile minutes. It’s also consistent with FX brokers reporting increased traffic on mobile […]

April releases on Match-Trader platform

New look for deposit and withdrawal view A recognizable logo will help your customer decide which payment gateway to use for deposit or withdrawal. A broker can select a visible icon in the administration panel. In addition, we have added new payment gateways to our platform. The transaction is now accessible to a wider range […]

Mobile trading takes over Forex industry

Mobile trading takes over Forex industry It is well known that forex trading requires from investors not only skills but above all discipline and the ability to control emotions. Until recently, trading required to spend several hours in front of a computer each week to keep a decent level of trading performance. Fitting Forex trading […]