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Match-Trade July releases

This July, we concentrated on refining our offerings to align with the constantly changing market. Our primary enhancement, the Multi-Chart feature in the Match-Trader platform’s Web version, lets users view and engage with several charts on one browser window. Paired with the introduction of fresh […]Read more

Match-Trade June releases

This June, we’re excited to unveil innovative features and enhancements across our solutions for Forex Brokers. We’ve been hard at work, focusing on optimizing functionality, streamlining processes, and enhancing User Experience. These improvements, ranging from new features in our Copy Trading App to improved payment […]Read more

Match-Trade May releases

In May, we’re introducing a variety of customer-focused updates to our Match-Trader platform, Forex CRM, and other solutions for Forex Brokers. These updates range from analytics per instrument and AI-powered news translation to accurate lead import and a specialized Money Manager Room. Let’s delve into […]Read more

Match-Trade April releases

In April, we introduced a series of improvements to our Match-Trader trading platform, Forex CRM, and other essential solutions to help your brokerage business stay ahead of the competition. Some key updates include introducing a “guest mode” option for the Match-Trader platform, custom Broker footer […]Read more

Match-Trade March releases

As the forex market continues to grow and evolve, we know that staying ahead of the curve is essential. That’s why in March we made several enhancements to our proprietary Match-Trader platform, expanded some features in Forex CRM for Brokers, and improved Match-Trader Manager functionality. […]Read more